Cost is one major factor most people consider before making most decisions in their lives. While that is important, underestimating one’s need for a healthy atmosphere due to its cost is a disservice to oneself. The saying “health is wealth” lends credence to the fact that we cannot put a price tag to our health. 

HVAC systems are powerful and awesome to have in homes and offices because of the unreliable and unpredictable nature of weather but having bacteria and viruses poison the air you are trying to maintain is not part of the grand plan. Bacteria, mold and viruses are common guests to an HVAC system because of the air movement. Air conditioning systems can easily attract molds and viruses from the surroundings as they attempt to release that balance of weather in your home. The HVAC systems are a great magnet to dust and dirts hence it becomes a comfortable habitat for grooming viruses which can easily be released into the house through the circulation of air.

No doubt the HVAC systems are a sure way to get even with the harsh weather uncertainties, as you really cannot rely on the general climate to serve your best interest all the time. If you desire to have the atmospheric condition of your choice, then HVAC systems are a must have tool in your  arsenal.  It’s of necessity that such outlets are kept constantly clean enough to ensure the content they emit is safe for use all day.

Since it’s not possible to prevent the HVAC systems from getting contaminated with all sorts of viruses and microorganisms which can in turn pose a health challenge to the consumers of such air, the responsibility of keeping the airways clean and free from those germs lies in your decision to control it’s safety.

UV Lights are one sure way to keep your HVAC systems Clean and free from disease-causing microorganisms. The UV light is highly potent for killing bacteria, viruses and molds. Having a UV light installed in your HVAC system means health is a priority because once it’s germs are airborne, it becomes highly dangerous and there’s no control as to how much anyone can take in as it’s almost beyond human control to measure the quantity of air intake per time.

Ultraviolet light has been tested  to be highly effective for eradicating germs infiltrated in a heating or air conditioning unit. However the type of UV light installed in an HVAC system is called the ultraviolet germicidal irradiation lights and it could either be a coil sanitizing light or an Air sanitizer.

Spending about $45 – $70 per annum on the energy these lights consume not mentioning the cost of replacing lamps, can be termed an expensive luxury by some and may unaffordable but when compared to the risk of having to battle with airborne infections that might damage your system, huge medical bills and the imminence of fatality,  it is only wise to spend on UV lamps and keep your respiratory tracts free from germs. There’s no amount too much to be spent on precautions that can equate the breathing challenges, allergies, viruses and  excessive cold which are daily concerns for those exposed to dust and harshness of weather filtering in through the HVAC systems.