A Way Out For The Educational Sector

Feb 8, 2021 | UV-C

Desperate times call for desperate measures they say. This has never been truer given the times we are in when the entire world is battling a common enemy called Coronavirus. Economies of countries continue on their downhill movement and anxiety rates keep increasing because no one knows for sure when this will all end. One thing is sure however, we must do something immediately to salvage the situation.

A lot of sectors of the economy are suffering, people are losing their jobs and sources of income. The educational sector is the one that worries us the most as it concerns posterity. Since educators cannot teach an empty class, or earn outside if work, we have to work hand-in-hand to restore safety and some semblance to normalcy.

We cannot continue to cripple the future by keeping the leaders of tomorrow at home under the guise of isolation and social distancing while throwing a percentage of workers without salaries into recession.


Sun Smart offers a lasting solution to dangerous disease-causing microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and even superbugs that scare parents from releasing their children to be taught in classes nowadays. UV-C is that solution. When we have tried all we can, it is time to use a different approach.

We easily forget to wash our hands or sanitize frequently because we are humans and it’s in our nature to forget. Social distancing and isolation can only achieve so much since children still find ways to connect. With children germs spread as rapidly as a fire outbreak because on the playground and in class they are all in each other’s breathing spaces. It would be hard to control or monitor their hygiene in this situation, especially with the terror of Covid-19 still looming over us. However, learning together in a classroom has proven to be a more effective way of teaching children.

What Can We do?

It is simple! We have to make the school safe from germs. To keep the classrooms safe for students and workers you can contact Sun Smart and we would:

  • Come check out your classroom size.
  • Quote you a highly affordable price within your budget.
  • Send our professional electricians to install a UV-C LED lamp or air sanitizer in your HVAC system.

There you have it! Children can return to learning and staff can get paid because our UV-C does the following:

  • Kills 90% of all kinds of microorganisms in less time than manually washing the kid’s hands would.
  • Prevents organisms from breeding in your classroom or multiplying themselves
  • UV lamp can illuminate while disinfecting the classroom for 40,000 hours.
  • Germicidal lamp HVAC keeps the system purified and the air fresh all the time.
  • Reduces your constant worry over the health and safety of your students or children.

A healthy classroom is possible and it begins with fixing our UV-C LED emitters in your HVAC system.