Advantages Of UV-C Led Emitters

Mar 4, 2021 | UV-C

The Ultraviolet light emitting diodes (LED) is the latest energy generating source penetrating the market at an amazing speed. Coming at a time when the bleak world is in need of some light and healing, our UV-C light is your personal sunshine.

This invention was found after undergoing rigorous researches to be everything awesome in contrast to the regular Mercury lamps known for their hazards and environmental threat. The UV-C lights offers a plethora of benefits and the advantages are such that cannot be derived from any other source of light apart from the sun. That is why most people consider UV-C light as the sun only in a milder degree. Some advantages include:

  • Disinfection: Ultraviolet LED Emitters have proven to be highly efficient in killing of germs. With a wavelength ranging between 260- 280 nanometers, the UV-C LED Emitters disinfects the environment and surfaces where it is installed exterminating over 99.9% of the world’s most deadliest virus in less than a minute. The coronavirus is not left out as well. It’s antimicrobial effectiveness in past decades have been ranked higher than Mercury lamps for obvious reasons.
  • Economical: The UV-C LED light is a cheaper source of energy. Providing a whooping 40,000 hours of light, users do not have to drill a hole in their purses paying for electricity bills. They are arguably one of the most robust light energy invented. Anyone thinking of cost as well as staying in an environment free of virus, then UV-C led lamps is the way to go because they are lower in energy consumption unlike it’s counterparts.
  • Light Weight: Another advantage of UV-C led Emitters is their compacted nature which is the reason they are light in Due to this, they can be easily infiltrated into vacuum and air conditioning outlets where they get interconnected with the HVAC for maximum disinfection.
  • Long-lasting: They also have a longer lifespan, meaning they keep areas disinfected over a longer period of time without the viruses replicating themselves almost immediately. Most fascinating thing about this LED lamps for most people is their non-toxic composition. Creating a problem while trying to solve one is far from what UV-C LED seeks to achieve. Unlike Mercury that dispenses toxins and make environment unconducive for living, UV-C LED lamps or emitters are highly toxins-free hence it’s suitable for any space.

UV-C led Emitters such as UV lamp, UV-C LED sanitizer and germicidal lamp are the best plug as far as overcoming germs and bacteria around surroundings and shared spaces are deep concerns. With the high cost and demand for other known disinfectant which are low in efficiency and short in life span not to mention their potential toxity to lives and properties; UV-C led lamp is a ray of hope and healthy source of light. They are environmentally friendly unlike Mercury emission that is harmful to human existence. The UV-C led lamp sanitizers is so mild it can be applied on hands and surfaces without fear of damage or skin irritation.