Breathe Calmly at HOME!

Feb 23, 2021 | UV-C

The home is supposed to be our Haven away from the noise, pressure and contamination of the outside world. What then is our fate if we cannot enjoy clean air, water and a moment of serenity at home? That would be disastrous! Especially because we spend most of our time indoors. Recent study shows that air pollution indoors can be over a hundred times worse than outdoors. This can not be disputed given the amount of time spent indoors and how we are always in a hurry to dump bags, shoes and viruses as soon as we shut the door. A staggering 4 million people die from household air pollution yearly across the world.

Signs Of Air Pollution In Your Home

  • Constant nasal infection such as running nose, blocked nose etc.
  • Tiredness and fatigue after carrying out small tasks over a short period.
  • Slowness in thinking
  • Difficulty in breathing etc

An unclean air in our homes puts our loved ones who are vulnerable in danger, one that is expensive to treat. With little or no ventilation, these germs we bring home multiply quickly and become landlords in our own homes. Good news is that there is a way less costly and more effective way to achieve purer air in our abode. This is where we at Sun Smart come in.

Sun Smart

Finally, you can breathe calmly at home. We are here to bring all your worries about air pollution to an end. We are smarter than the organisms that contaminate the air in your sanctuary so we have harnessed the power of the sun into UV lamps and air sanitizers for your use.

What We Do

We are your surest bet when it comes to the purchase and installation of UV-C LED lights in your HVAC to help purify the air and keep you and your loved ones safe. These UV lamps are robust in energy conservation, offer 40000 hours of light and we give an irresistible 3 years guarantee that you cannot afford to miss. It is easy to use, by a simple on and off of the switch, you are controlling the air that your home circulates. We install it in such a way that it turns on simultaneously as your furniture motor.

Steps To Take

In four easy steps, you can be drawing deep breaths of crisp and fresh air today.

  1. Call us or send us a mail and we would respond immediately.
  2. Tell us the size of room or space you are looking to have our UV-C lights.
  3. We give you a quota. Our prices are competitive and we offer premium quality to all our esteemed customers.
  4. An expert electrician and member of our team will be instantly deployed to your home to install the UV-C LED lamp in your HBA.

Easy Breezy!

We cannot bank on cleaning thoroughly on a daily basis to get rid of these harmful microscopic organisms because even when we do this, we miss out their hub –air purification outlets, air conditioner vents. Switch to an easier way of getting rid of germs with your own personal sunlight that burns them permanently. Call SunSmart today.