Frequently Asked Questions

How does this actually kill germs?

In essence, UVC breaks down microorganism DNA structure, destroying them. This is achieved by the intensity of the heat generated from UVC as well as the properties of the UV ray itself.

Is UVC harmful?

We’re exposed to parts of the UV spectrum while outdoors. Generally, excessive UV exposure can produce adverse effects depending on wavelength, type and duration, and UV response differences between individuals.

So although long exposure to UVC can harm you, it is also a very widely used purification / decontamination method used within the health, water and medicinal industries.

What sort of radiation do our lamps us?

Our lamps use UV radiation type C and V rays.
These UV, radiation of type C (254 nm) and type V (187 nm), is generated by UV systems with
the same wavelengths as in the sun. The wavelength of type C UV radiation makes it
possible to combat microorganisms at the molecular level, neutralizing and destroying
pollution, while type V UV radiation oxidizes chemicals and odors, transforming them
into harmless, odorless by-products.

Do UVC lamps really work?

Yes they do! UVC LED lights are not an end-all solution, but rather are an extra layer of protection to add to your arsenal of tools. Wearing gloves and a mask does not protect you 100%, but it sure does lower your chances of getting sick, same with our lamps.

Where can I install UVC lamps?

Our ultraviolet LED lamps are specially designed for use in residential and business
premises, they completely destroy more than 300,000 types of viruses, bacteria and fungi,
including the influenza virus, coronovirus, help prevent colds and do not produce ozone

and leave the air in the room safe. Our team of experts will handle installation, so you won’t have to worry about anything.