Myths Regarding The Use Of UV Light

May 25, 2021 | UV-C

UV lights like many other human inventions have their primary functions as designated by the manufacturers. How they are eventually used or the supposed functions attributed to it by final consumers sometimes are a sharp detour from what was originally planned. Often, the proliferation of this new function is beyond the control of the inventor. Covid-19 ushered in so many explanations from zealous people seeking for a way out and those desperate for return to normalcy were willing to try anything to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. This sponsored the myths (that are not necessarily true) flying all over the place as it concerns UV light and Temperature. We might not be able to control the spread of these myths but we can at least correct them and hope the truth prevails. Some of these myths are as follows:

  • That UV light close to the body cures Covid-19: first off, this myth is unfounded and not scientifically proven. Secondly, it is almost as laughable as it is fallacious to consider Ultra Violet light as a treatment for the novel disease. It is true that this light can be used to effectively exterminate germs and viruses from surface in the home or office, it is in fact harmful to the direct skin. It should not be used close to the body as it might lead to irritations or burns.
  • That sitting under the sun or hot Temperature kills Covid-19: this is absolutely false. The virus is airborne and mutates from time to time. The hot Temperature might not kill the virus but will cause you skin burns and reddish discoloration. Simple precautions like washing your hands regularly with lukewarm water and sanitizing is just sufficient. No need for the torture of heat.
  • Drinking scorching hot water will dissolve the virus: while you are advised to take liquids frequently to easily flush down the virus (in the case of contraction) from your respiratory tract to your stomach where it is less potent, the liquid can be warm but not hot. You risk burning your tongue and causing harm to your tract by drinking hot substances.

UV light is a useful invention no doubt and it is coming at no better time than now when we need a stronger force to combat the Covid-19 virus. It is an effective way to get rid of viruses and germs on surfaces and those stubborn ones borne by the air. However, UV light is most effective and efficient when hidden in the Ventilation system shielding it from direct skin contact. The human skin is highly delicate and can not do well under the intense glare of a UV Light without the shield provided by an HVAC system.

That being said, as long as Covid-19 remains our reality, we must take all precautions. Avoid crowded places, wear a mask if you must be out and wash your hands regularly with an alcohol based solvent.