Signs Airborne Coronavirus Spreads Is What Matters

May 18, 2021 | UV-C

The deadly Coronavirus which took the world by surprise and has been with us ever since is no longer news. Several presumptions as to how it came and what to avoid to stay safe has also been dished out by health experts as they try to proffer lasting solutions to the disease. This pandemic has altered our lives and caused us to make major adjustments in virtually every aspect of our lives.

Covid-19 as it is popularly known is said to be a strange disease in the family of Coronaviruses but something more dangerous than the knowledge of it’s root is the fact that it is an Airborne disease. It was earlier discovered that the virus covers only a short distance as it cannot travel far hence person to person contractions can be minimized if people keep a social distance of about 2-3meters away from each other. Well, without debunking that fact, there’s a new explanation to support the claim that those in poorly ventilated rooms get affected more than people in a more ventilated room and also public centers like the hotels, churches etc. What this means is that places that are non-accessible or tight are areas likely to have higher concentration of this airborne disease because droplets can be carried through the air. These amongst several signs are solid grounds that sustains the theory of aerosol transmission of the Coronavir

y transmit the disease without even knowing. The speed of dissemination increases exponentially when stuck with people in enclosed spaces. Sadly, we share breathing space with loved ones more often these days owing to quarantine and lockdown of different locations in the world. Since we have no control over who we are enclosed with nor have power over the kind of air that circulates in the area; we can only do the most we can by ensuring safer air.

It is of great necessity that air producing outlets are kept constantly sanitized in order to ensure the air being released to people or surfaces is healthy for consumption. And the most effective way to clean the indoor air is by the use of an alet light. No cleaning can be as thorough and holistic as that which a UV lamp installed in a HVAC system can achieve. According to expert research gathered from long usage, a UV light has the capacity to kill about 99.9999% germs, viruses and bacteria. This is more powerful than any surface cleaner or sanitizer can guarantee. What’s best is that it operates continuously which means, at no time will the germs or viruses gain opportunity to multiply or infiltrate the air.

If we are locked in yet the virus keeps spreading, then the lockdown imposition and other precautionary measures are counterproductive. Another way to achieve respiratory health must be sought and UV light is our best bet. Their intensity spares no harmful organism and we can breathe in safe air when they are installed in offices, homes and any space where humans are found.