UV-C Light Is A Scientifically Proven Method In Combating Viruses, Fungus, And Airborne Bacteria In Your House And Business

Jun 22, 2021 | UV-C

Sun-smart UV-C Systems implements the UV-C light as a way of providing Canadian organizations with the best tools possible to prevent contamination, offering bespoke air filtration solutions, installation and air sanitation advisory. We wanted to provide a product that actually helped, not just during this awful pandemic, but also for the future.

The research speaks for itself. The 2018 Columbia University study demonstrated just how effective UV-C light can be against viruses, as it destroyed over 95% of all pathogens. UV-C light can do this in a room in under 25 minutes.

UV-C light technology is already being used by many organizations not only in Canada, but also around the world. The system allows for continuous decontamination of the air and surfaces in patient waiting areas, restaurants, public areas, surgical theatres and many more. Infection control in high footfall areas is essential in reducing the risk of spreading the virus. Many worldwide research centers have hailed UV-C lighting as an exciting piece of equipment which offers a robust sanitization solution in public areas. Clients come from all aspects of life to recognize the great benefits of UV-C light in the day-to-day life.