What Actually Is UV-C?

Feb 18, 2021 | UV-C

We probably have heard so much about UV-C and might not know what it is because people do not explain it properly. Search no more because this article will answer all your questions and by extension, clear your mind of doubts about the efficacy of UV-C.

Meaning Of UV-C

UV-C is acronym for Ultraviolet C which is a light weakened by the blockage of the Ozone layer in an atmosphere. Basically, it is like the sun only not as harsh or scorching.

Things To Note:

  • First off, Ultraviolet light is not a new discoveries in the world since it has been used in the health sectors since the mid 20th century.
  • There are three classes however, UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. while UV-A and UV-B are dangerous due to their easy penetration through the protective Ozone layer to the Earth thereby harming lives of both human, plants and animals.
  • They also cause sunburns and skin cancer where exposure is in excess. Fortunately, the most harmful of them which is supposed to be UV-C is usually absorbed by the Ozone covering hence it is rendered harmless and inactive before it gets to the Earth surface.
  • UV-C led is an invisible light rays produced by the sun, it has germicidal properties hence capable of inactivating microorganisms by disrupting their DNA as well as destroying their nucleic acids. This makes the air it circulates healthy, and effective when utilized for water and food purification.

Did You Know UV-C LED Lamps Has Been Proven To Kill The Coronavirus?

Here’s why: with a wavelength between 200 nanometers to 300 the UV-C is highly effective for destroying germs, viruses and bacteria on surfaces no matter how enclosed in half a minute. Conventional florescent bulbs that causes heat can’t compare. A very powerful property of UV-C is found to not just exterminate regular surface germs but according to research cure the world’s most dreadful novel virus. Aside the health sectors, Water purification industries and other Engineering firms have been using this energy for some decades but with recent interest and scientific research around maximizing the power of UV-C, posterity is assured of a safer planet.

There are man-made UV-C Led developed as technology takes the world by it’s throat. Certain UV-C properties discovered to be highly effective for disinfection is made readily available and easy to use as UV lamps, UV Led lamp sanitizers as well as UV-C lamp HVAC.

How Does UV-C Work?

UV-C lights are usually interconnected inside the HVAC thereby allowing it come on whenever you want it. They have no smell even though they disinfect over 300,000 viruses and bacteria contained in the air which ordinarily wouldn’t go away with the traditional duster and brush. With demands rising daily for preventive measures and ceaseless efforts of scientists testing all sorts to curb the spread of this virus, having your HVAC emitting an air infiltrated with powerful disinfectant as air sanitizer will be an ideal step to stay safe and healthy.